Under The Veil

Lauren Wells is enjoying life as an independent, young woman living in New York City when she is kidnapped and forced to marry the Prince of Cacher. Dark secrets and a violent past hide behind Cacher’s mask of wealth and beauty, leaving Lauren in the precarious situation of figuring out who she can trust and who she must confront. Lauren is not alone. There are others who share her fate and more to come if something doesn’t change. Can Lauren regain her freedom or is she doomed to follow in the footsteps of the women before her? Will Lauren be able to save the man she loves, the man caught in the crosshairs of the nation of Cacher? Lauren is not going down without a fight. She’ll play  by their rules to survive until survival is not an option. UNDER THE VEIL is a romantic suspense that takes the reader out of the regal fantasy and into the cold, dark reality of a newly crowned princess.

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Excerpt from UNDER THE VEIL by West Michell

     “He bought her! I wasn’t sure I really processed anything past “he bought her.” My stomach wretched. So this is my fate? I swallowed hard forcing everything I just ate to stay in my stomach. I get to share the same fate as his grandmothers. Any hopes and dreams that I have go out the window so I can be a part of their backward, selfish tradition? What were my options? Try to escape when we get to his “kingdom” or be a face on their totem pole of broken lives?”

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