Under The Veil

    An innocent walk in NYC turns to tragedy when Lauren Wells is kidnapped and whisked away to the Sahara Desert to marry Prince Adi of Cacher. Escape is not an option, leaving Lauren to figure out who the true monsters are and who can protect her. The handsome Prince Adi may just be her knight in shining armor. However, Cacher’s violent past and its dark secrets spin happily ever after into a fight to the death between the man Lauren loves and Cacher’s historical foe. In a twist of fairy tale fate, Lauren discovers unlikely heroes hiding in plain sight and that true power doesn’t come from an army. UNDER THE VEIL takes the reader out of the regal fantasy and into a cold, dark reality as seen through a princess’s eyes.
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Excerpt from UNDER THE VEIL by West Michell

     “He bought her! I wasn’t sure I really processed anything past “he bought her.” My stomach wretched. So this is my fate? I swallowed hard forcing everything I just ate to stay in my stomach. I get to share the same fate as his grandmothers. Any hopes and dreams that I have go out the window so I can be a part of their backward, selfish tradition? What were my options? Try to escape when we get to his “kingdom” or be a face on their totem pole of broken lives?”

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