Giving Back

10% of each book sale will go to Roots & Wings!

I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful people at Roots & Wings while shooting a video one summer. Roots & Wings helps young adults coming out of the foster care system stand on their own two feet. Many of the children who graduate from the foster care program have no support system, meaning no family or shelter to help them move into society and grow. Roots & Wings steps in and helps these young people find their footing through education, a place to live and even helping with the little things we often take for granted like; what to take for a sore throat, which groceries are staples, how to use a checking account. I believe every person has the right to discover their gifts and use them to flourish in life. Roots & Wings works hard to give these amazing young people that opportunity. Please follow the link and learn more about this terrific organization.

The Lady Savant Foundation was created by cool women to do amazing things. The Lady Savant Society, the sister organization of Lady Savant Foundation, has been a supporter of mine from day one and I will be forever grateful. Brandyn, Mariel and Erin reached out a supportive hand and let me kick off my 2017 book tour with their organization.
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