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From West: March 13, 2021

This past year was nuts! I’m ready to move on, move over, move up, whatever it takes. So… new novel, new projects and new news to share. More information coming soon. Stay safe! Stay healthy!

From West: April 6, 2020

Well, things are a little weird. Hoping everyone is doing well. I have been writing. No surprise there!

I have started working on my third novel. I am taking another screenplay that I wrote and spinning it into a novel. This one is a buddy action story. As an author and screenwriter, switching back and forth is fun for me. I’m sticking with what I like, good guys, strong gals, action and romance.

I also have short stories to share with you. A few quick escapes to pass the time. I’ll get those up soon.

My second novel is set to release in May. It is a great beach read. We’ll see what happens with my launch timeline. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime… If you are new to my website and books, I have a page turner for you.

Under The Veil
Taken from home, stripped of freedom and playing by a whole new set of rules – can Lauren find the courage to save the man she loves and rescue herself from an unbearable future?

In this powerful romance, I will take you on a journey of love and courage through the experience of a young woman uprooted from her life and forced into a world of deceit, hatred and misogyny. Despite the horror around her, she finds an unexpected and empowering love in a man who could lose everything, including his life, while trying to do what is right. But to change the future, our main character must find strength within herself.

If you enjoy a powerful romance, then I encourage you to read between the lines. Under The Veil delivers thoughtful and haunting themes, as well as, action and romance from start to finish.

What’s next in 2020?

My next novel is set for release in May 2020.  This “wish it were me” romance will have you seeing stars. Here’s a little scoop… there are four hot guys and a damsel who is stressed but don’t worry – she’ll fix it!

West of Winsor, my free online book is now in hiatus. Stay tuned!

Follow me on social media and I’ll keep you posted on my next book release, West of Winsor uploads, book signings, and other fun events.

Keep your light shining!

-West Michell
Inspire * Strengthen * Lead

7 thoughts on “UNDER THE VEIL”

  1. I loved the imagery of the opulent far away land that West Michell uses in Under the Veil. I felt like I was there myself watching the crowds in some of the palace scenes. I found the book to be perfect for my beach get away — perfect “chick flick” in writing. I’m looking forward to reading the next book. Keep up the good work! Also loved the cover work.

  2. I couldn’t put book Under The Veil down. I couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter. Can’t wait to read the next book she’s going to put out. Keep them coming West Michell.

  3. I loved the book!!! Part thriller,part mystery, part romance! I couldn’t put it down!!! The details were so vivid and heartpounding! I can’t wait for the next book!

  4. Under the Veil is a very compelling, exciting and thought provoking novel. As fiction it not only encapsulates a romantic thriller but touches on some important real world cultural norms that are eye openers. West has the ability to grip readers’ interests from the first page to the last.

  5. Under the Veil was one of those books I just couldn’t put down. It was very fast paced and riveting from the beginning. Definitely makes you think about real issues in our world. The characters are very well developed and the passion for writing is evident. I’m on my seats’ edge waiting for the next one. Happy reading to everyone who purchases the book.

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