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Welcome! My book, Under The Veil, has launched and I am excited to share it with you.

In the mood for a power romance? Wait. What’s a power romance? It’s romance with a kick! Think true love entwined in the sheets of action and adventure. Under The Veil  has all the emotions of a great romance with main characters who fall in love yet hold onto their own identities, who struggle with what is happening but continue to support each other no matter what the cost. Under The Veil has a villain, or two, who just can’t grasp onto love and must face the consequences of their hideous actions, as well as, supporting characters whose affects on the story are heroic. Enjoy Under The Veil as the romance that it is, then dive deeper and read between the lines. Think about what is really going on in the book and how the character’s stories relate to our own lives or the lives of women and men around the world.

Need a new show to… er… read? Then West of Winsor is for you! I originally developed West of Winsor as a TV show. Now it’s yours to read as a FREE ongoing, online book. West of Winsor is set in the fictional New Jersey college town of Lovelace, home to Ludington University. In an effort to start anew, the Wynn family has moved into the old Victorian on Lamarr Ave. They aren’t running from their past just trying to fix it and still maintain some normalcy for their two children, Will and Juliette. The Wynn’s open their home to two University student boarders, Daniella and Jacob, who must come to terms with their own pasts as they try to forge their paths to a successful future. Can Daniella escape her past in the digital age? Can Jacob shape a future towards success when he’s only known pain and defeat? West of Winsor will be uploaded for your enjoyment in installments. So keep up and stay tuned!

My next novel is on its way. Can’t tell you too much yet, but I’m working hard and will get it to you as soon as possible. Like Under The Veil, it is a power romance full of love and adventure. Here’s a little scoop… there are four hot guys and a damsel who is distressed but, don’t worry, she’ll fix it!

Thank you for joining me. I look forward to bringing you characters and plots that are entertaining, thought provoking and emotional.

Register with my site and I will keep you posted on West of Winsor uploads, book signings, and other fun events. Follow me on social media and let me know what you think. Let’s discuss characters, plot lines, and character arcs.

Keep your light shining my friends!

West Michell

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  1. I loved the imagery of the opulent far away land that West Michell uses in Under the Veil. I felt like I was there myself watching the crowds in some of the palace scenes. I found the book to be perfect for my beach get away — perfect “chick flick” in writing. I’m looking forward to reading the next book. Keep up the good work! Also loved the cover work.

  2. I couldn’t put book Under The Veil down. I couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter. Can’t wait to read the next book she’s going to put out. Keep them coming West Michell.

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